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John Kerry
US Secretary of States

U.S. Condemns New Military Offensives in South Sudan

Three years ago, I was in Juba to witness the birth of the world’s newest nation, and last week as I returned to South Sudan I saw how fragile the future can be when old grudges degenerate into violence. The United States condemns in the strongest terms recent offensives by South Sudanese government forces against opposition-held positions in Nassir, Bentiu, and elsewhere in Unity and Jonglei states.

These attacks blatantly violate the January 23 Cessation of Hostilities agreement and contradict commitments President Kiir has made in recent days. We call on all parties to re-dedicate themselves to the agreement, not just in words, but in actions, and to halt all military offensives. The government and opposition forces also must cooperate fully with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s Monitoring and Verification Mechanism, and we look forward to the Mechanism’s report on these incidents.

The government and opposition must resolve their differences at the negotiating table, rather than through military action. The United States reiterates our continued support for the IGAD-led talks, and our disappointment with the government delegation’s unwillingness to engage constructively in recent rounds of talks. We call on President Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar to follow through on their commitments to meet directly in the coming days to end the conflict and initiate discussions on an inclusive political transition.

We again call on both sides of the conflict to ensure humanitarian access for UN agencies and others who are trying to provide life-saving assistance to all in need, and to respect and support the UN Mission in South Sudan as it carries out its mandate to protect civilians.

Gatluak Puok Puoch

SPLM (A) Victoria Chapter condemns Kiir leadership, embraces Machar’s democracy

Gatluak Puok Puoch
Gatluak Puok Puoch

Victoria, Australia- May 1, 2014 The Victoria SPLM Chapter disowned the SPLM party chairman Salva Kiir, while embracing the rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar and his deputy Alfred Lado Gore.  In a lengthy strongly worded statement received by the SST, the leadership denounced Kiir’s failed leadership and called for all SPLM members world wide to take change as the moral duty for all.

“Fellow comrades, we are hereby declaring to you all at your respective locations around the globe that we the Victoria SPLM Chapter members led by the Care Taker Chairperson-Comrade Gatluak Puok Puoch, Youth League Acting Chairperson-Comrade Peter Bidong Pal, Member of Youth League Executive Council-Comrade Tito Tut Pal, Finance and Administration Officer-Comrade Solomon Jal Nhial and Women and Gender Officer-Comrade Nyaboth Stephen and several other honourable active members of the Victoria SPLM Chapter whose names have not been mentioned, are no longer servicing under an incompetent government and shameless leadership of Salva Kiir, who failed to uphold its values and responsible and largely known for driven by family members and loyal hand-picked tribal groups; clan militants and militias.”

Their declaration is highly influenced by the recent turn of events where the government widely targeted certain members of tribe, causing displacement and killing innocents lives inside the UNMIS camp in Bor, Jonglei. “Our immediate strategic decision came into effect as result of numerous despondences, massive loss of lives and destruction caused to our innocent South Sudanese by the government in the name of few desperate and power hunger individuals who have systematically organized the killings of our innocent South Sudanese through fabricated ‘Coup’. D’état.”

Victoria has join handful SPLM cadres who have declared their allegiances to Dr. Riek Machar, citing Machar’s democratic views as the base of their bold decision. South Sudanese should realize that there is only one trusted leadership capable to reversing the above critical issues and brings about inclusive, people driven government, transparency, accountability and equality.



Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Chapter in Victoria, Australia 

30 April 2014

Revolutionary Salutations.

Whether you are in position of leadership or not you have a moral duty to be the change you seek to be.

Fellow comrades, we are hereby declaring to you all at your respective locations around the globe that we the Victoria SPLM Chapter members led by the Care Taker Chairperson-Comrade Gatluak Puok Puoch, Youth League Acting Chairperson-Comrade Peter Bidong Pal, Member of Youth League Executive Council-Comrade Tito Tut Pal, Finance and Administration Officer-Comrade Solomon Jal Nhial and Women and Gender Officer-Comrade Nyaboth Stephen and several other honourable active members of the Victoria SPLM Chapter whose names have not been mentioned, are no longer servicing under an incompetent government and shameless leadership of Salva Kiir, who failed to uphold its values and responsible and largly knokn for driven by family members and loyal hand-picked tribal groups; clan militants and militias.

Like any sons and daughters of this great nation-yearning for tranquillity, prosperous and just democratic South Sudan, we have denounced the current leadership and all its fiats in strongest term possible and embraced the just peace, democratic, united and inclusive SPLM/SPLA in Opposition led by Comrade Dr Riek Machar Teny and Comrade Alfred Lado Gore. We are urging you all to register your collective support whole heartedly with this democratic, just, transparent and people-driven political system-Federalism emerging.

Our immediate strategic decision came into effect as result of numerous despondences, massive loss of lives and destruction caused to our innocent South Sudanese by the government in the name of few desperate and power hunger individuals who have systematically organised the killings of our innocent South Sudanese through fabricated ‘Coup’. D’état. Hailed high on the basis of clan and region, Kiir placed his trust on few hand-picked patronages and spin-doctors that are mainly from his tribe and clan- leaving wondering and vulnerable the mainstream South Sudanese who had overwhelmingly voted him into the highest trusted post of the nation.

Kiir was thought to be a charismatic and an admired leader for his fierce and radical views in support of secession of the South and pursued for freedom for all South Sudanese; however, after he secured the position, Kiir unexpectedly chose the opposite. He joined the club of dictators led by murderer of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, who enshrined and blessed him after he joined the nation of faceless men and became a prospect member fully integrated in this clan of gangs. This is indeed an undisputed evident that Kiir entered the office to service the interest of only few hand-picked advisors and foreign forces such as Ugandans and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) militants of Darfur. Circled by such incompetent groups willing to commit atrocity in return of financial support, Kiir has completely chose not to listen to the majority of his own fellow citizens and further ignored the contributions of the very important actors and arc of the nation such as the political parties, faith based groups, civil society organizations, youth and women groups, traditional leaders, church leaders and eminent personalities which the world considers as the valuable and major actors for the future development in any nation.

Worst of all, the government was quick to condemn the killings of territorial invaders and venal groups-the JEM militants in the recent combat operations in Unity State; however, maintained silent during the mass killings of the most vulnerable innocents civilians on 15 December 2013 in Juba and continued to do so during the lynching of other more powerless Nuer members in Jonglei State in April 2014.

Comrades, we would like to advise that the government in Juba is too deformed to be reformed. This claim has been proven by number of the following evidences:

First, the government has been intentionally refusing to commit to the handwork of addressing political underrepresentation, political grievances, historical grievances between our communities, human rights abuses, economic disparity and trauma which have been facing our community for the last eight years. Domination of the most secretive and vital government positions by Kiir’s clan and tribal men is indeed another worrying sign of the nation’s resources and the leadership being dominated by one tribe. In 2013, South Sudanese around the globe embraced the notion of ‘Peace and Reconciliation’ as one of the vital mechanisms to seeking peace amongst themselves and forgiving each other; however, Mr Kiir and his spin-doctors delivery refused the go-ahead of this process-knowing that they have unfinished business-being the recent killing of innocent South Sudanese.

Second, the government has been rather oppressive to its critics and publically chose to rule with iron fist. Many prominent political commentators and journalists have been banded from broadcasting information that appears to be questioning the performances and directions that the government has been leading the nation to. Others have been killed-Isaiah Ambraham is an example. Several ordinary citizens have been incarcerated, unlawfully detained or dispositioned from places they called homes simply because they are being considered as enemies of the regime.

Innocent protestors were indiscriminately sprayed with AK-47 machine guns during peaceful processing in Wau in 2013 and countless Equatorian lands were occupied and continues to be seized from their custodians by Kiir’s militants whilst the government remain silent.

Third, invested immensely on tyrannical system, Kiir and his government applied zero tolerant, out of touch and dramatically failed to deliver the promised services to the needy South Sudanese. Kiir and his government claims they have no financial support when it comes to services supposed to be delivered to innocent South Sudanese; however, have funds available for militants, militias and foreigners like JEM of Darfur and Ugandans Army Combats Forces to carry out massacre on specific tribes that he and his spin-doctors hated most.

Fourth, the social fabrics of our great nation have been crippled by unspeakable corruption. The God-given abandon revenues that we all shared and inherited by birth became the properties of Kiir and his militants. In Juba, public offices have packaged up with family members, relatives and loyalists thus critically resulting in total lost of the visions, aims and objectives of the SPLM/A. Widows whose husbands and orphans whose father have given up nothing else by only their lives for the freedom of all South Sudanese to be achieved are continuing to suffer as the government turns blind eyes on them. Heroes and heroines who lost limbs in sacrifice for their people and nation are rarely treated as contributors to South being a nation today, or valued as living legends. Kiir has indeed becomes a king of the nation as symbolised by his cowboy hat and trademark stick pictures posted in business hotels, airport and everywhere in the nation. Loyalists serving Kiir’s interest have been enjoying a government of no accountability, purchasing expensive mansions outside the country using public money and filling their accounts with countless incentives that are supposed to be enjoyed by all South Sudanese.

Fifth, Kiir is a supreme man above the law instead of the law being above him. With the main security apparatus and agents of the nation appointed and runs solely instead of the nation, the legal institutions have also been systematically paralysed and made intentionally effective specifically so that the government continues to operate undercover and unquestioned. Strongly believed in his own militias and militants, Kiir has abandoned the nation’s army. Instead, he recruited his own clan-men whom he used to execute the genocide of the Nuer Tribe on 15 December 2013 and publically failed to implement measures aiming to curve the current ongoing lost of lives, destruction and despair in the new nation.

In conclusion, the South Sudanese should realise that there is only one trusted leadership capable to reversing the above critical issues and brings about inclusive, people driven government, transparency, accountability and equal share of resources for all-that is the current SPLM/A in Opposition led by Dr Machar.

Long live South Sudan and her people.

Long live SPLM/A in Opposition

Undersigned by:

Comrade Gatluak Puok Puoch- Victoria SPLM Care Taker-Chairperson

Comrade Peter Bidong Pal-Victoria Youth Leaque Acting Chairperson

Comrade Tito Tut Pal-Member of Youth League Executive Council

Comrade Somolon Jal Nhial-Finance and Administration Representative

Comrade Nyaboth Stephen-Women and Gender Representative





Human Right Press


South Sudan International  Advocacy For Human Right


South Sudan International Advocacy is condemning in strongest term possible the massacred of 192 unarmed Nuer trainee Soldiers on April 24, 2014 by the Government force SPLA in Mapel County, Western Bhar Elghazal State.

We condemning in strongest term the killing of helpless Nuer Civilians that including children, seniors’ people, men and women at the UN base compound in Bor capital of Jonglei state on April 17, 2014. This is any questionable that it was organized crime which has totally disregarded UN Humanitarians laws. We also are condemning in the strongest term the killing of harmless civilians targeting in Bentiu on April 15, 2014. SSIAHR condemn the Government SPLA army that prevented civilians from Running for Safety at UN Compound and outside of town and keeping civilians as Human shield for them.

All the above mention cases constitute crime against Humanity and punishable by law and those who care it must face justices.

SSIAHR would call American Government ,European union, and African union to implements the sanctions as soon as possible and to act sooner not to ignore the tragedy that continue killing thousands and destroying human life in South Sudan. We call upon UN Security council to pass the resolution that will allow ICC to investigate the crimes in south Sudan

Peter Gatkuoth Wadar kuel

SSIAHR Chief executive

Gen. Hoth Mai Right and Reath Thoan

No military coup, but there was a civilian coup in South Sudan, Hoth Mai

Gen. Hoth Mai Right and Reath Thoan
Gen. Hoth Mai Right and Reath Thoan

April 28, 2014 (USA) –There was no military coup, but indeed, there was a civilian coup. Former Chief of General Staff Gen. James Hoth said.  Speaking on an exclusive interview with SBS, an online Dinka-language radio, based in Australia, Hoth believed politician brought about this war.

“Yes the problem has happened. Yes someone tried to take the power by force that night.” But, when he was asked again, was there a coup?  “No he said.  I think there are many type of coups. What I know so far, from the military intelligent, from the national security, they have not found any officer found to have connection with the coup plotters.  That is why there was no arrest.”

Asked whether he has ambition to join politic or not, General James  said, he never dream of being a Chief of General Staff. But he is ready to serve the country under any capacity. Mai believe leadership  is a gift from God  “ His removal is linked to him being from the same tribe as the rebels.

Listen to the interview… Gen. Hoth Mai’s interviews


Rebels matching to Bor

Eminent attack in Bor, General Dual warns kiir to make up his mind and call on civilian to evacuate


Rebels matching to Bor
Rebels matching to Bor

April 28, 2014 (USA) – A Senior rebel army General in charge of Jonglei state has warned civilian in Bor town to evacuate or seek refuge at UNMISS camp “We are coming with no return.” General Gatwech Dual warned. Bor is the site where hundred of civilian all from Nuer ethnic group were gunned down in front of the UN. Calling it Operation Rescue, the rebels are advancing into Bor town in a lightening speed. They are threatening to crash anyone stands in their pass. South Sudanese have fought war of invasions for hundred of years until the country became officially independence in 2011. “Now, Uganda has invaded our motherland.” He said.  We have an obligation to reclaim our country from the hand of invaders.

General Dual’s officers in charge of Operation Rescue to assault Bor town involved a young passionate fighter- a lady captain called Nyapuoch. Captain Nyapuoch led a successful military campaign against Uganda and Kiir loyalists when they tried to advance to Ayod several days before.

According to unconfirmed reports, Uganda was seen to evacuate some of their valuable military hardware from Bor to Juba. The threat of attack will be catastrophic. Dr. Machar, and his rebels are gaining grounds everyday as Kiir loyalist in the government trade accusations while the coup case crumbled in Juba. They tried their luck by firing the Army General, who believed to be the only string that connects Nuer to government. Gen. Mai was the only voice that influences the prevention of mast defections of Nuer from Kiir discontented Army.  Now he is sitting in his house without a Job.

Nuer generals began to defect in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile states in response to alleged ethnic-based killings in the capital. In Mapel, Nuer unarmed officers were killed within 48 hours after new Chief Gen. Paul Malong Awan’s sworn in. In Wau town, a full brigade predominantly Nuer defected.

Upper Nile

BREAKING NEWS: Renk County captured, Kiir Loyalists switched sides, other turned to SAF for refuge

Upper Nile
Upper Nile in red

April 23, 2014 (Renk County, Upper Nile) – South Sudanese rebels loyal to the former vice-president, Riek Machar, have captured Renk County, Upper Nile. Kiir loyalists switched side and joined the rebel. Other ran northward to the Sudan border seeking refuge from old foe, the Sudan Arm Forces (SAF.)  Renk is located some several miles north of Malakal the capital of the Upper Nile state.

According to an eyewitness, rebels have attacked the town from two fronts forcing the government forces to abandon their position and run for their lives. The Sudan Arm Forces have surrounded the fleeing Kiir army he said. The fall of Renk clears way for freedom Fighters to advance to the oil rich town of Faloich in days.

The rebels, so determined to capture Faloich and cut the government source of revenue, have confirmed the fall of Renk to SST. They are now clearing the town while assuring the safety of civilian.  In a separate report, news  coming out of Malakal indicated  a fierce fighting between the Freedom fighters and Kiir loyalists.


The office of SPLM/A-in-Opposition Nebraska Chapter/USA strongly condemns the innocent killings of Nuer Civilians

Government of South Sudan order  SPLA Soldiers to attacks innocent Nuer women, men and children who seek refuge at UNMISS Compounds in Bor town Jonglei State South Sudan.


 The office of SPLM/A-in-Opposition Nebraska Chapter/USA strongly condemns the innocent killings of Nuer Civilians who are taking refuge at UNMISS Compound in Bor Town Jonglei State South  Sudan by SPLA soldiers order by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his government killing 295 count dead  people  and wounded 270 people on April 17, 2014.

Bor Town has repeatedly exchange hands between rebel and government troop, couple of times in mid-January leaving many people dead and displaced many more. Most IDPs in UNMISS compound in Bor are Nuer civilians.

“On 9 July 2011 South Sudan became the newest country in the world. The birth of the Republic of South Sudan is the culmination of a six-year peace process which began with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005.”

“In adopting resolution 1996 (2011) on 8 July 2011, the Security Council determined that the situation faced by South Sudan continued to constitute a threat to international peace and security in the region. The Security Council established the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) for an initial period of one year, starting from 9 July 2011.”

UNMISS is on the ground to consolidate peace and security and to help establish conditions for development.

UNMISS Mandate

“Having determining that the situation faced by South Sudan continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security in the region and acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, the Security Council by its resolution 1996 (2011) of 8 July 2011 established the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) for an initial period of one year as from 9 July 2011 with the intention to renew for further periods as may be required.”

“According to the original mandate UNMISS was to support the Government in peace consolidation and thereby fostering longer-term state building and economic development; assist the Government in exercising its responsibilities for conflict prevention, mitigation, and resolution and protect civilians; and help the authorities in developing capacity to provide security, establishing the rule of law, and strengthening the security and justice sectors in the country. The initial authorized strength of the Mission stood at up to 7,000 military personnel, including military liaison officers and staff officers, up to 900 civilian police personnel, including as appropriate formed units, and an appropriate civilian component, including technical human rights investigation expertise.”

“Following the political and security crisis, which broke out with violence in South Sudan’s capital Juba on 15 December 2013, the Security Council, by its resolution 2132 (2013) of 24 December, approved Secretary-General’s recommendation to temporarily increase the overall troop and police strength of UNMISS. The interim troop level was raised to 12,500 personnel and the police component to 1,323 personnel, including appropriate formed police units, through temporary transfers from existing peacekeeping operations through inter-mission cooperation.”

Because it’s a duty of United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan and the United Nation Security Council to protects those unarmed civilians who are under their protection throughout South Sudan.  We the South Sudanese living in Diaspora State of Nebraska-USA, Strongly questioning UNMISS personnel of their capabilities why they fail to protect the civilians who are living under their protection and let them being slaughters by the SPLA Soldiers on their watch, while they are on their protective care?

At this point of time, let there be no doubt that the lives of 27, 000 innocent Nuer civilians women, men, children, and elderly people who are under UNMISS guardianship in Juba are waiting for their final death in the hands of Juba government at any times.

The killings of unarmed civilian were instigated by the SPLA army mustering the local community and mingled themselves within the youth to disguise their horrific action under the pretext of Bor youth. Mulishly, Bor community has forgot that their lives were spared by the members of Nuer community they are now cold bloodily murder on the onset of initial fall of Bor Town to rebel hands in December when they were allowed to cross the Nile River to Awerial, Lake State.

Government of South Sudan has now carried out the second phase of massacre of Nuer men, women and children similar to presidential guards led massacre that took lives of 17,613 in the nation’s capital Juba and various parts of the country. This hideous government killing will not end as long as President Salva Kiir Mayardit still in power.  Targeting civilian in UN compounds will not stop in Bor, and it will also spread into other UNMISS compounds in cities that are under control of government forces around the country.  Cyclically, government targeting IDPs has been simultaneously witnessed in Juba and Bor.

We recalled when the information minister Michael Makuei Lueth tried to force his way into the camp in Bor. Another horrific witnessed was the close range random shoot out that had happened in March killings four IDPs and towing IDPs vehicles outside the UNMISS camp, destroyed all IDPs toilets that were builds by UNMISS was a bad signal from the government against IDPs. In addition to that, in first of March at another close range shoot out to IDPs occurred when the second heavy fighting broke out among the presidential guards unit at Giada headquarters solely has shown that government is yearning to massacre the whole population of IDPs in UN Compounds.

The office of SPLM/A-in- Opposition in Nebraska appreciates the ongoing unyielding support and protection of Internal Displace Peoples UNMISS has sustained. However, based on the documented precedents; SPLM/A-in-Opposition in diaspora strongly urge the leadership of United Nation Mission in South  Sudan to urgently relocate the besieged IDPs to save haven whereby genocidal SPLA forces of government would not reach the remnants of long-suffering populations. Therefore, disregarding this unprecedented humanitarian situation may eventually create an indescribable human catastrophe that may level with Rwanda Massacre at worst.

Keak Lam Kierkok

Spokesperson of SPLM/in Opposition Nebraska Chapter

Communication Center/ USA

Can be reaches at


Condemnation letter from Nuer Community in United States

1499608_668888479821251_935162953_nWe, the Nuer Community in the USA express our strongest condemnation of the recent brutal attack and killing of the innocent Nuer people in the UNMISS camp in Bor. The barbaric military apparatus supported the dictator regime which waged a vicious war planning to eliminate the popular will of the Nuer People. We condemned the strongest terms possible the ruthless massacre in Bor by Kiir Mayadit’s brutal butchers.

Brutal regime of Kiir Mayardit has waged several attacks against Nuer people since the war erupted in mid-December 2013.The first killing was carried out by the savage forces of Doot ku beny ordered by Kiir Mayardit But, he was a wolf in a sheep’s skin and charlatan who was manipulating and undermining the unity among the citizens of South Sudan at which he would not succeed.

Kiir Mayardit in Mid-December started killing indiscriminately civilian innocent children, women and men and destroyed their homes and businesses. Confirmed reports by eye-witness on the ground in Juba that over 17,000 women and men including children have been massacred.

10259066_10152339378281215_5499425757250671726_nThe citizens and particularly women, children and elderly men have fled the city to save their lives. There are thousands of Nuer people who are displaced and are deprived of their right to live in their homes. Others are hiding in fear in bush and cut off from all life-lines. Children are starving and dying in this general havoc that gripped the Nuer people. One of the shocking behaviors of Kiir’s forces was the random killing of innocent men, women and children. Those children, women and men who were killed by Kiir’s brutal regime had taken no part in the political struggle between President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

But the terrorists, far from being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre and claimed victory while their media are publicizing these malicious, evil and inhuman acts. The Nuer people are horrified by the brutal deeds of Kiir’s forces. In light of these savage attacks, one cannot but wonder why the Kiir Mayardit’s government is reticent about this bitter and frightening reality. The world notes reports of the ruthless attacks on innocent civilians and we condemn these acts perpetrated by brutal butchers. We also condemned the Nuer army Generals, Ministers, and Governors who are still serving Kiir Mayardit’s government which kills their own people and praise him for his genocide against Nuer.

Bor Massacre on April 17, 2014 Video : The killing of innocent people of Nuer by Kiir’s notorious forces are in contravention and contrary to the principles of peaceful co-existence between the two tribes (Nuer and Dinka) and should be halted. We refuse to tolerate Kiir’s thuggish brutality against our people and vowed to defend our people and the fundamental human dignity of our people. Nuer people all across the world have raised the strongest voices, condemnation and are mourning the tragic loss of these innocent civilians massacred by Kiir’s forces in Bor.

We believe that the forces of Kiir’s terrorist attacks can do nothing to derail the Nuer people’s future in South Sudan. Further, the attacks and mass killings of Kiir’s forces is a miscalculation of Nuers’ power and raised the chance that must lead to a revenge and all-out war between the two tribes (Nuer and Dinka). From now on, the Nuer Community is taking all conceivable measures to provide utmost protection and defense Nuer people.

Lastly, we urge the UNMISS in South Sudan to relocate all the IDPS to their villages, Payams, and Counties in South Sudan.


Rights Group Condemns the Killing of Innocent Civilians in UNMISS Compound; Calls for the Relocation of the IDPs


Washington, DC, April 17, 2014 (SSNA) – South Sudan’s human rights block, The Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD), issued a statement condemning the killing of civilians in Bor UNMISS compound.

The Killings happened early Thursday in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

“Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD) condemns in the strongest term possible the deliberate and targeted killing of innocent Nuer Civilians housed in the UNMISS Compound in Bor Town and urge UNMISS to immediately relocate all Nuer ethnic IDPS from Government controlled areas…”, the Alliance said in a statement.

The US-based rights agency also calls on Dinka Bor politicians who are part of Kiir-led government not to mislead the youths and further warned that there could be serious consequences if “targeted killing” continues.

“ASSD strongly condemns and urge Dinka Bor politicians in the Kiir led government not to localize national issues where innocent youths of Bor Dinka ethnic background are being deliberately misled to attack their long time neighbors, the Nuer”, the group urged.

“The consequences of targeted killing of innocent Nuer civilians or any ethnically related killings does not and will not serve anyone’s interest but widen this conflict where all will be fair game”, the ASSD warned.

The Alliance also renews its call for Ugandan soldiers and all foreign forces that are fighting alongside Kiir’s government to leave South Sudan immediately.

“ASSD urge Ugandan President Yoweri Musseveni and foreign forces in South Sudan to withdraw immediately and stop meddling in South Sudan’s internal affairs”, the statement added.

The rights agency also called upon the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), Norway, the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdon (UK), and Canada to immediately intervene and safe the violence-wracked nation.

Media reports suggest that the number of people who were killed in the skirmish could be in the hundreds.

The killings happened on Thursday when heavily armed youth allegedly backed by soldiers loyal to South Sudan’s government stormed the UN compound killing unspecified number of people.